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An Interview with Sonya Park on PingMag

We just read a wonderful interview with Sonya Park, the creative director of Arts & Science and one of our favorite holiday gifts to give, the Hobonichi Techo. Read the interview from Pingmag here to learn more about her process with our favorite planner. Hobonichi Techo is only stocked at the end of the year during the holidays, so hopefully this will satisfy your cravings for it until then. 

Studio Visit: The Magical Fun World of Pia Howell

When we were in NYC for trade shows we had the great pleasure of stopping by artist and fashion textile collaborator Pia Howell. Among her commercial collaborations with Etudes and Baggu she's an interesting artist in her own right. 

Her Brooklyn based apartment/studio was filled with work. New little compositions with subtle humor, hand cut shapes, colorful patterns and transparencies that are more abstract and lean to deeper explorations.

Super fun. Super beautiful. 


View more of her work HERE.

Plaza Record Release on Viare Records

Sometimes, when it's slow at the store, we like to scour the web for new music and the latest releases. Today, we've had one dropped in our laps from Revolver's very own Johan. He goes by the moniker PLAzA on the new Viare EP compilation on Voltaire Records. Alongside artists Jonas Reinhardt, Roche, and Tim Fairplay the EP skirts the lines of classic underground house (UntssUntssUntssUntss) and spacey disco dance music. Check out the Voltaire Records Soundcloud page for promotional mixes by PLAzA and label head Randy Hotthobo Ellis. Local SF producer Beat Broker also offers up a nice remix of the Jonas Reinhardt track "Virgo Cluster" on XLR8R.


And check out our favorite mix from him below!
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