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We have just recently picked up The Thing Quarterly, an object based publication produced by visual artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogen. They operate right here in San Francisco. Each issue is conceived of by a different artist, reproduced, packaged and is an affordable, and accessible way for anyone to "collect art." 

One of our favorite issues is #22, a lux pillow set for your head by this handsome bearded devil.

Shop The Thing Issue #22 by John Baldessari HERE.




We would like you to stop what you are doing for just a moment and look at this handsome fellow right here on Revolver

We have always admired the excellent music selections and killer personal style of Jihaari Terry, an Oakland-based artist, dj, writer and all around awesome guy. It is buddies like him that remind us that the Bay is truly special place to call home.

Check out Jihaari's blog that chronicles his photography, art, writing and his great style HERE. He also has a great meta-interview with himself where you can learn more of what it's like to be this wonderful human being.


Images, both photography and in film have always been a big part of who we are. Our own Kayla is a budding film director and Taj, who has now left us, is a talented photographer and established artist here in the Bay Area. 

Recently Tierney Gearon's new book, Alphabet Book, is an inspiring, intimate documentation of childhood, parenthood and our relationship with those most precious to us. Marta introduced us to these poignant, funny and touching images. Fashion editorial inspires us, but it is the images of everyday life that truly touches us.

Here is a fantastic article on the book from Lightbox and get inspired to document things that inspire you too!

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